Fiction is a Three-Edged Sword

Fiction, interactive fiction and narrative

Jazz, in Three/Four Time

Jazz, in Three/Four TimeJazz, once the music of prohibition gangsters, is now the music of lifts and pizza restaurants. Phil White is a saxophonist and a born improviser, but in a world where all that matters is who you know, its a bad idea to fall in love. Worse yet, to do so three times.

Lauren is a brilliant French student with a glittering future just around the corner, who happens to know someone at a record label. Miranda is a trombonist with a jealous streak. Carlotta is an older woman with a secret.

Told in a cycle of interlocking chapters, by a narrator with an ear for rhythm and a habit of bending the truth, Jazz in Three-Four Time is a novel of modern love and modern London, set to a smooth soundtrack.

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