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I’ve been starting to work with hypertext after discovering the wonderful Undum framework by Ian Millington, that combines beautiful presentation with smooth, unbroken output.

Hypertext stories are stories containing hyperlinks, which the reader clicks in order to choose what content they read next. A bit like the web, but a good hypertext story will also lead you through and help the reader to tell a good story with your choices.

No Space to Breathe

In an over-populated future, a police detective is asked to interview a former friend from Mars on suspicion of murder. Can either be saved?

No Space to Breathe is coming soon…


Science fiction: an old soldier is brought before his Emperor to face a charge of murder. Flaws was written for the 2010 Interzone Advent Calendar of flash fiction.Flaws also exists as an e-book for Kindle, available from Amazon UK and US.

  • Review on Gaming on the Go: “It’s a really well written thing.”
  • Review on Jay is Games:  “Flaws is an intriguing interactive fiction “game”.. with Jon Ingold’s usual flare for compact, interesting writing.”

A Shaggy Dog Story

Shaggy Dog

A 4:00am phonecall, magic, hypnosis and a pet-shop: all the night before an interview. What could possibly go wrong?

7 thoughts on “Hyperfiction

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  2. When was A Shaggy Dog Story released exactly?

  3. Thank you! I’m just listing games I enjoyed in a document and then making best-of lists and such for my own amusement, and have been doing so for about 15 years now. 🙂 Love that you experiment with IF, in the sense that you create games that are not classical interface-wise. I’m sorry to say that your masterpiece All Roads was too hard/clumsy/irritating for me because of the classical interface, but I’ve played some of your other games and liked them! The Shadow in the Cathedral seems to be not available though, is that temporary?

    • Cool! I think Shadow is out again soon, Dave’s just been reworking the site and the interface and things like that.

      Also, we have a inkle version of All Roads out later this year, so you might be able to enjoy that more – no typing..!

  4. Yeah answered that myself when I went to textfyres webpage. Although another question would be better served for me though: is cathedral a game with a typical if interface? Or more along the lines of make it good or undum?

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