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Short Fiction

Interzone #228The History of Poly-V (March 2010 issue, #227)

How to Build an Impossible Staircase

  • My first story and to date, my most successful, being published twice.
  • Read it online.

Interzone, the UK’s leading science fiction magazine, have published several stories:

The Fall of the City of Silver (Sep 2011 issue, #236)Interzone #236 cover


Sleepers (May 2011 issue, #234)
The Times, They Are
  • Due later this year.
Over Water (May ’10 issue, #228)Interzone #228
  • Review at “Hovering beautifully on the cusp of fantasy and SF until the final few revelatory pages, Ingold’s marvellous use of language delights more and more with each page. Outstanding.”
  • Review at Garbled Signals: “Ingold pulls together the narratorís coming of age and setting off from home, an invasion between islands, and a fantastic piece of world building.”
  • Review at “There is a lot to his story… It is a rich and rewarding fantasy and a joy to read.”
  • Review at Tangent: “What makes this tale rock for lovers of fantasy, of science fiction, and of horror, is its possibilities of supernatural goings on and its allusion to a post-apocalyptic world. Such a story is worth our time and our consideration.”
  • The issue is available as an e-book from Fictionwise.

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