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“Flaws”: an interactive story for Kindle


Flaws, for Kindle

In the last few weeks I’ve been reading up on what kind of IF possibilities the Kindle opens up. The short answer is, “anything” – well, anything without too much animation. The Kindle is a computer like any other. But the more app your thing becomes, the less e-booky it feels. So what can the lowest-tech approach achieve?

The short answer is: here’s my attempt. (US link here). It’s a rework of my science-fiction short-Undum-story Flaws as a Kindle ebook. A longer discussion follows after the cut.

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Undum “say” function

I’m working on tidying up the tool I’ve written for making Undum game-files from a simple text format.

While I get that sorted, I thought I’d publish the single most useful other Undum thing I’ve got, which is an extra function to avoid writing in HTML. Following I7’s lead, I’ve called it “say”, rather than the Undum default, which is “write”.

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Undum game seeks critically-minded readers for quick once-over

I’ve been doing some more work with Undum (which I’m starting to link to off this blog so frequently I should really make a category tag for it. In fact, I will).

This should mean two releases in the not-too-distant future: first, a perl script for turning a simple, easy-to-edit text format into Undum-ready javascript, including features for varying and conditional text; and secondly, a new hypertext story.

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