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Fiction, interactive fiction and narrative

Interactive Fiction

A full list of my games can be found here or on the IFDB (Interactive Fiction Database) here, both accompanied by capsule reviews.

Klockwerk: The Shadow in the Cathedral

The Shadow in the Cathedral

Gears and cogs, racks and pinions, wheels within wheels within wheels. This is the substance of life for Wren, a ward of the monks in the Abbey of Time. In the city of St. Phillip, everything runs by clockwork, including the government and the church. As Second Assistant Clock Polisher in the Abbey of Time, Wren is the smallest gear in the vast machine. But big things can happen when even the smallest gear slips out of place. Welcome to the world of Klockwerk.

The Shadow in the Cathedral is my first work of interactive fiction to be available commercially, courtesy of The design and story was by Ian Finley (BabelKaged). The standard version is available now and the Deluxe version, with illustrations and interactive map, should be along soon.

Make It Good

Make It Good

“Mr. Ingold has created a well-written, cleverly designed, technically proficient, devilishly hard work which, by dint of sheer over-arching competence, participates in the ever-rising standard of expectations for top-tier IF. Yes, heís gone and made it harder for everyone else.” — SPAG review.

4.8 / 5 –

“Brilliantly conceived and ambitiously executed” — Emily Short

You’re a dick, called to a plush house in the hills. A murder. Some dead guy splattered across the carpet of his study. They’ve given you one day – your last one day – to make a decent bust or you’re going to be out on your ear, and that’s bad news. One of the faces inside that house had better be guilty… but which one?

Written over the course of nine years, Make It Good features a twisting plot and five interactable NPC suspects to intimidate, interrogate and outwit.

All Roads

All Roads

Morning in Venice, and you are about to hang. But for a man like you – someone special – escape is never impossible. You are a thief, an assassin – but who are you?

All Roads is a complex and puzzling story. It won Best Game, Best Setting and Best Story in the 2001 XYZZY Awards and was placed in the top 5 modern IF games by



This is a room in which people talk. Sitting across the table from you is Mars’ first murderer, quaking with fear in six times the gravity he’s used to.

You need a confession – but for a man with your particular talents that shouldn’t be too hard…

Insight is science-fiction, set on a Mars colonised – and fractionalised – by genetic engineering. It has a few surprises up its sleeve, too – if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to start over and try again…

Dead Cities

Dead Cities
Arkwright’s strange and crumbling house, in which the old man lives surrounded by rotting treasures: his books. You have come to value him, but his most valuable book is also his most dangerous…
Dead Cities was written for the Lovecraft Commonplace Book exhibition. It took Best in Show in the Interactive Fiction category and was on display in MusÈe de la science fiction, de l’utopie et des voyages in Switzerland (October 2008).



A distress signal is received. A ship, spinning out of control, heading for the Moon’s surface. Its pilot barely audible has only minutes to live…

Fail-Safe uses an innovative approach to IF, framed as a radio-conversation with the game’s protagonist. It was nomiated for Best Non-Player Character on its release and has received several 5-star reviews.

Till Death Makes a Monkfish Out of Me!

Till Death...

Today is your crowning achievement: you are to step into the cylinder and be transported, in the swish of a fish-tail, back to the surface, away from your undersea hell. But unfortunately for you someone has thrown a spanner in the works…

Till Death…is a sci-fi B movie: mad professors, crazy experiments, and a giant squid. It was written with Mike Sousa, and took 2nd place in the 2002 IF competition.

  • Download the executable file.
  • Hints are included in-game, type HELP at any point.

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