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Is this the end?


I’ve been busting my way through a holiday text adventure, the way one does. A couple of days off is the perfect time to get 80% of a game down, ready to be shelved, redrafted, tweaked, and polished until it no longer seems like such a good idea.

I had the puzzle structure worked out before I coded a single word. I’m now 80% of the way through, but then I got distracted, adding hyperlinks.

I just turned off the actual text prompt thing. It seemed so… retro. There are just these buttons now. It feels kinda okay.


Author: joningold

Jon Ingold is a writer and games designer from Cambridge, UK. He is co-founder of inkle, a company specialising in interactive narrative for mobile devices. He has written prose, plays, short films as well as interactive fiction, both in hypertext and parser-based systems. His short stories have appeared in Interzone magazine and his IF works have won competitions and awards.

2 thoughts on “Is this the end?

  1. For those keen to see what inkle are doing, this is kinda a clue, too.

  2. I go back and forth on the prompt. On one hand it’s not exaggeration to say I really love it. I like using a command line, I configure almost every program I use to use the keyboard, I use a parser interface for my OS, etcetera.

    On the other hand I just don’t see how keyboarding for tablets and mobiles is a good idea at all, at least with the ones I’ve tried. At the same time I’m loathe to leave the beautiful utility of the prompt behind.

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