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“Sleepers” Cover Art

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Really excited today to receive a preview copy of the artwork for my short story Sleepers from the editor of Interzone, ahead of this month’s issue.

I234 Cover

It’s been done by Mark Pexton and is a classy pencil-drawing / mixed media thing, in a similar vein to Robert Dunn’s illustration for last year’s The History of Poly-V.

You can even see the first 500 words of the story or so on the full-size image…

(Interzone is available from Forbidden Planet in the UK, and can be ordered from most newsagents. Overseas, it’s been known to show up at B&N, amongst others. It can also be ordered from the publisher’s website.)


Author: joningold

Jon Ingold is a writer and games designer from Cambridge, UK. He is co-founder of inkle, a company specialising in interactive narrative for mobile devices. He has written prose, plays, short films as well as interactive fiction, both in hypertext and parser-based systems. His short stories have appeared in Interzone magazine and his IF works have won competitions and awards.

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