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Interactive parsing update


Interactive Parsing (as explained here and here) has now been updated to version 3.

This version adds support for suggesting and accepting words longer than the 9-letter Inform default, and for commanding characters using the “JIMMY, GIVE ME THE GUN” syntax.

This resolves all the known missing features of IP, so it should be now good to go in any game-project you care to throw at it. It also runs under Quixe once more, thanks to some help from Zarf.

I’d be interested to know any issues you hit, and how fast the extension runs in large-scale projects.

I suspect it still won’t work gracefully on a mobile device, however, as the keyboard tends to insist on taking input one character at a time. Since mobiles have their own predictive systems, I’m not sure I can see this being fixed at the extension level.


Author: joningold

Jon Ingold is a writer and games designer from Cambridge, UK. He is co-founder of inkle, a company specialising in interactive narrative for mobile devices. He has written prose, plays, short films as well as interactive fiction, both in hypertext and parser-based systems. His short stories have appeared in Interzone magazine and his IF works have won competitions and awards.

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