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“Flaws” reviewed on Jay is Games…



(Of this.)

(And also, on Gaming on the Go).


Author: joningold

Jon Ingold is a writer and games designer from Cambridge, UK. He is co-founder of inkle, a company specialising in interactive narrative for mobile devices. He has written prose, plays, short films as well as interactive fiction, both in hypertext and parser-based systems. His short stories have appeared in Interzone magazine and his IF works have won competitions and awards.

3 thoughts on ““Flaws” reviewed on Jay is Games…

  1. I tried to post a link to the non-Kindle version in the JIG comments, in case anyone who isn’t on Kindle wants to check it out, but I don’t think JIG ever approves comments with links in them. But perhaps if you left a link they would approve it, since you’re the author.

    • I think there’s a link there already: the button that reads “play Flaws online” takes users to the non-Kindle version. (At any rate, looking at the webhits, a lot of people have suddenly discovered that link!)

      • *facepalm*

        Yes, that’s entirely correct. Also, clicking on the image at the top of the review takes you there, as per JiG practice.

        In my defense, the review text doesn’t mention this, and I often overlook graphics.

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